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This feature in RTS allows employees to view their total paid hours for the week once they have clocked out for their shift.

Printing the Timeclock Slip

At Setup-> Local Computer -> Connections and make sure that there is a printer layout and printer connection setup for the Receipt option. If there is not a printer setup for that connection then the time clock slip will not print.

Configuring the Timeclock Slip

Setup-> Time Clock-> Options -> Network Settings Tab.


Pay Week Start:

The Timeclock slip will include the total paid hours the employee has worked this week. You can configure what day the pay week starts by navigating to Setup -> Timeclock -> Options and setting the Pay Week Start in the Network settings tab.

Breaks Settings:

If your system is set to remove lunches or Breaks from the Employee's paid time, additional lines will be added to the timeclock slip with lunch and/or break length listed, as well as the total paid time for the shift.

*Note: You can find the time clock reports here .

This will need to be set on every station you will want the time clock slip to be printed from.


  • In Setup-> Time Clock-> Options -> This Computer Tab the Print Time Clock Slip will need to be checked and saved.

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