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Pickup Viewer

Pickup Viewer Controls

The Bumpbar is used in conjunction with the RTS Pickup Viewer. See HERE for more information on setting one up. Below is a quick overview of the Pickup Viewer controls that are configured for use with the Bumpbar.


Refresh- Refreshes Orders

First Screen (1 of 1)- Multiple Screens for multiple orders

Next- Screen Moves to the next screen

Previous Screen- Pages to the previous screen

Close- Exits the pickup viewer to normal RTS mode

Completed Orders- Displays finished orders


Finish- Complete Order

Up- Cycles upwards through order items

Down- Cycles downwards through order items

Bumpbar Buttons

Clearing Orders

bump - This button clears the first listed order from the Pickup Viewer

Use the number keys to clear their corresponding order. For example, to clear order two, press the "2" button etc.

number keys

Restore Orders

recall - The recall button takes you to the completed orders screen. From here you can restore an order by pressing it's corresponding number just as you would to clear it.

Cycle through Orders and Pages

mode - This button has a small left arrow and is used to cycle backwards through orders.

home - This button has a small right arrow and is used to cycle forwards through orders

home + mode or home cycles through pages. - This button combination is used to cycle through multiple pages of orders.

Return Home

home The back button returns home

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