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==Assign Pay Rates==
==Assign Pay Rates==

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RTS includes a time clock that can be set up to help keep track of your employee's hours and pay.

Setting Up the RTS Timeclock

To start using the RTS Timeclock, you need to set up your employees with individual passwords in the Setup -> Password window. Once your employees have been added into the system, you will need to create departments and assign your employees to departments. Once you've done this, there may be some location-specific options you wish to change like Lunch in/out and Breaks in/out.

Creating Departments

The RTS time clock needs to have departments set up in order to properly keep track of hours and payroll. Examples of Departments you could use are Cashier, Janitorial, Usher, Wait Staff, and Boxoffice.

To add departments

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Time Clock -> Options.

    SU TimeClock Options.PNG

  2. Choose the Departments tab, Click Edit.
  3. A window will prompt to add or remove departments, Select Add to enter a new department name (you can use Delete to remove unused departments if needed).
  4. Please repeat these steps as needed. If the department can complete transactions, please mark the box Finish Cash Transactions.
  5. Once all the departments you need are added, select Save.

Assigning Departments

Employees will need to be assigned to at least one department before they can start using the time clock.

  1. In RTS, navigate to Setup -> Timeclock -> Employees in Department

    SU TimeClock EmployeesInDept.JPG

  2. Select the employee you wish to assign in the Employee List on the left hand side.
  3. Check each department you wish the employee to be in
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each employee.
  5. When you're done, press Save

Note: Employees can be assigned to multiple time clock groups. When an employee with multiple departments clocks in, they will be asked which department they are clocking in as.

Settings Explained

In RTS, go to: Setup -> Timeclock -> Options.

The This Computer tab

Note: Options in this tab only affect the computer you set them on. You will need to make these changes on all computers you wish to have them take effect on.

Enable Time Clock - Allows users to clock in and out from this station.
Require Finger Print Reader - Forces timeclock punches to use a fingerprint reader instead of a password.
Allow Punches From Login Screen Only - Only allows access to clock in/out from the login screen, using the TimeClock button.


The Network Settings tab

Punch Settings:

Enable Lunch: Enables lunch in/out time clock punches
Enable Break: Enables break in/out time clock punches

Report Settings:

Remove Break From Total Hours - Removes break time from the total hours
Remove Lunch From Total Hours - Removes lunch time from the total hours

Schedule Verify Settings:

Enable - Enables employee schedule verification when using the time clock.
Lockout Punches before Schedule Time - Determines how long before a scheduled shift an employee can clock in without management approval. This can be overridden if the employee has the Schedule Override option for their password. This is configured on the password window.

Hours Display Format: - This option lets you choose to have your employee hours listed as hours (8:15) or decimals (8.25) on the Time Clock Reports.


Assign Pay Rates

RTS can also calculate pay rates. This will be assigned per the employee’s department.

To Configure this:

  1. Navigate to Setup –> Time Clock –> Payroll.

    SU TimeClock Payroll.JPG

  2. Designate if the employee is hourly or salary.
  3. Enter their pay rate by double-clicking in the pay rate for the designated department.
  4. Repeat this step as needed and select Save when done.

Scheduling employees with the Employee Scheduler

To use the employee scheduler

  1. Navigate to Actions -> Schedule -> Employees.

    Actions Schedule Employees.JPG

  2. For each name listed, click on the start time of their shift, you will be prompted to pick a department if the person is listed in multiple departments, select the department they will work in for that shift. If you need to adjust the time, click and drag the green shift block. You can extend the shift by dragging the ends out, or you can set the default shift length at the top of the scheduler
  3. Repeat for each employee working that day. Use the calendar at the top left-hand side of the screen
  4. Close the scheduler when done

RTS Timeclock Reports

Current Status

Shows the current status of all employees in the system.

  • Navigate to: Reports -> Timeclock -> Current Status.

Reports Timeclock CurrentStatus.JPG


Shows a detailed report of every time punch per day.

Navigate to: Reports -> Timeclock -> Daily.



Shows all time clock activity per day, with a time stamp, this includes breaks and lunches.

Navigate to: Reports -> Timeclock -> Detail.



Reports the hours clocked in separated by employee.

Navigate to: Reports -> Timeclock -> Employee.


Labor Cost

Compares labor costs to sales.

Navigate to: Reports -> Timeclock -> Labor Cost.


Payroll Report

Shows the hours worked, pay rate, and totals. Broken down per employee.

Navigate to: Reports -> Timeclock -> Payroll Report.


Payroll Cost

Compares payroll costs to admissions.

Navigate to: Reports -> Timeclock -> Payroll Cost.


Common Timeclock Procedures

IMPORTANT NOTE: Changes to payroll information are not retro-active. They only alter future information.

Adding Punches

  1. In RTS, go to: Timeclock Button-> Special.


  2. Highlight the Desired Employee.
  3. Select the Punch Date and Time
  4. Select the type of punch you wish to add
  5. Add a memo if you wish
  6. Press the Add Punch button

Editing Punches

  1. In RTS, go to: Timeclock Button-> Special.
  2. Highlight the Desired Employee on the left-hand side of the window.
  3. Press the Edit Punches button in the lower right-hand corner.


  4. Select the date of the punches you wish to edit.
  5. Select the user you wish to edit punches for.
  6. If you are trying to edit an clock/lunch/break in that has not been clocked/lunched/breaked out, select the Open Records Punch Type. Otherwise select the Close Record punch type
  7. Select the punch you wish to edit
  8. Press the Edit button on the right
  9. In the new window enter the information you wish to change
  10. Press Save