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Configuring RTS Web Reporting

RTS has modified Web Reporting. You will now be able to login with your email, Gmail account or Facebook. To enable your login, please use the following steps. If you have multiple locations, please execute the steps for each theatre.

You can locate your RTN number by navigating to Help –> About. The RTN number will display on the left side of the window under the DNS information. This number is used to determine your web reporting link as in the example below:

https://(YOUR RTN NUMBER).formovietickets.com:2235/app/reports

When accessing your web reporting login, you will notice a new login page. It will resemble the login page displayed below.


1) To add an email address, navigate in RTS to Setup –> Password. You will need to have a password setting of 10001 to see yourself in the list. If you are not able to see your name in the Password list, an administrator with higher credentials will need to configure your settings.

SU Password.PNG

2) From the Password menu, mark “Access Web Reporting as True”


3) Add your email address or Facebook email address for “Email Address” under the Info Section.


Logging In

When signing in to your account for the first time, select the option based off of the email account you added in RTS.


  • Gmail: Select Sign in with Google. Choose your email account accordingly to proceed with the login.
  • Facebook: Choose Continue with Facebook. Select your account to proceed with the login.
  • Other Email: Click "Sign Up"


1) Enter your Email Address

2) Set your password

3) Confirm password

4) Select "Create Account"

Note: If you are not able to log in immediately, restart the software on your server by going to File -> Other -> Restart Software

File Other RestartSoftware.PNG

--RD Crocker (talk) 20:56, 23 November 2018 (UTC)