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<h4>Setup Information Includes:</h4>
<h4>Setup Information Includes:</h4>
'''1) Company Name Displayed on App'''<br />
'''1) Company Name Displayed on App'''<br />
'''2) High-res graphics of your logo'''<br />
'''2) High-res graphics of your logo (PNG format at 512px x 512px)'''<br />
'''3) Email used to test App'''<br />
'''3) Email used to test App'''<br />
'''4) Fees charged in App<br><br>
'''4) Fees charged in App<br><br>

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A video demo of the app can be viewed here: Video Demo


Interested in a ticketing app specific to your location? RTS now provides a real native app to support your mobile ticketing needs.

To begin selling tickets please fill out the setup form and email it to sales@rts-solution.com

Setup Form: HERE

Setup Information Includes:

1) Company Name Displayed on App
2) High-res graphics of your logo (PNG format at 512px x 512px)
3) Email used to test App
4) Fees charged in App

When creating your app, we will match your app's colors from your website. If you are currently going through a rebranding, please let us know.

Cost and Funding

Costs are involved to use the app. Please contact our sales team for further information.

  • Fees are calculated per transaction not per ticket.
  • Once funds total $100 or more they will be deducted weekly.
  • Please provide a voided check to setup billing.

Apple may require your own Apple App Developer account. This costs $99 a year. See our Apple Developer Account page for more information.

Existing App Transfer

Android Play Store

Contact Us

Please email this information to: sales@rts-solutions.com

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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