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=See Also=
=See Also=
*[[App Configuration]]
*[[App Configuration]]
*[[Sending App Notifications]]
*[[Apple Developer Account]]
*[[Terms of Service]]

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A video demo of the app can be viewed here: Video Demo


Interested in a ticketing app specific to your location? RTS now provides a real native app to support your mobile ticketing needs.

To begin selling tickets please fill out the setup form and email it to sales@rts-solution.com

Setup Form: HERE

Setup Information Includes:

1) Company Name Displayed on App
2) High-res graphics of your logo
3) Email used to test App
4) Fees charged in App

When creating your app, we will match your app's colors from your website. If you are currently going through a rebranding, please let us know.

Cost and Funding

Costs are involved to use the app. Please contact our sales team for further information.

  • Fees are calculated per transaction not per ticket.
  • Once funds total $100 or more they will be deducted weekly.
  • Please provide a voided check to setup billing.

Apple may require your own Apple App Developer account. The costs $99 a year. See our Apple Developer Account page for more information.

Existing App Transfer

Android Play Store

Contact Us

Please email this information to: sales@rts-solutions.com

If you have any questions, please let us know.

See Also