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A video demo of the app can be viewed here: Video Demo


To begin selling tickets please fill out the setup form and email it to

Setup Form: HERE

To get your app stared we will need the completed setup form, a high-res graphic of your logo (PNG format 512px by 512px), the completed ACH withdrawal form and a voided check.

With your setup information and logo, our developers create your app. After internal testing, your app is released to the Google Play and Apple App stores. Full releases may take a few days for final approval. Once they are available in the app stores, we create a QR code that can be hung on kiosks or any prominent location in your theatre. Customers scanning this code with their mobile device are directed to the proper app store to install your app. Additionally, we enable download prompts on your RTN website so that customers visiting your site on a mobile device can choose to install your app.

Using the setup information we enable your marketing contacts to use push notifications so that you can directly market to your customers. The billing information is used to set up invoicing and ACH withdrawals for app payments.

When creating your app, we will match your app colors to your website.
If you are currently going through a rebranding, please let us know.


You can directly market to your customers with notifications in the app. Notifications display even if the app is not open. Find out more here: Sending App Notifications

Cost and Funding

There is a 0.25 cent per Transaction cost to use the app. This cost can be offset with a fee charged to the customer. Please contact our sales team for further information.

  • Fees are calculated per transaction not per ticket.
  • Once funds total $100 or more they will be deducted weekly.
  • Please provide a voided check to setup billing.

Apple may require your own Apple App Developer account. This costs $99 a year. See our Apple Developer Account page for more information.

Existing App Transfer

Android Play Store

Contact Us

Please email this information to:

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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